PASD All-City Strings Review May 10

PASD All-City Strings Review May 10
Posted on 05/07/2018
PASD All-City Strings Review May 10The Port Angeles School District’s strings students, grades four through 12, will perform together in this 42nd annual event.  This year’s program will divide the young musicians between two concerts.  The first concert will begin at 6 p.m. and the second concert at 7:15 p.m.  Both concerts take place in Port Angeles High School’s Main Gymnasium, 304 East Park Avenue.  Seniors will perform and be honored in both concerts.

“We’ve eliminated the “East/West” divide between the two shows this year,” explained Dr. James Ray, Port Angeles High School Orchestra Director.

“Up until a few years ago, All-City existed as a single concert. As our numbers grew, it became necessary to divide the show into twin performances simply because we would no longer all fit in the gym! The simplest solution we could come up with at the time was to place elementary students from each side of town into their own show. Any siblings they had at the middle- and high school would follow them and remaining secondary students would be divided to even out the assignments to each program.”

“While this was certainly an efficient way to do things in terms of organization/logistics, we became concerned that we were losing something in the community-building aspect of the concert by effectively making each show a “Half-City.” There is a powerful statement in having students from throughout the district performing for families and community members from across our town’s geography. To that end, we decided this year that we would keep two concerts but would assign students so that kids from each elementary school would appear in both shows. This has added a whole new layer of planning and coordinating considerations for us string teachers—for a show that already requires an enormous amount of preparatory effort on our part—but we think it has been well worth it; we hope our community agrees!”

Mr. Ray
This will be the first All-City String Review without the former PAHS director, Dr. Ron Jones. Jones initiated this concert early in his time in Port Angeles in his efforts to grow and increase the visibility what was then a very small program.

“This pair of concerts will be a testament to the success of those early efforts, with anticipated 703 students performing,” said Dr. Ray.

Dr. Ray will be joined by District strings instructors as conductors:

Sabrina Scruggs: Grades 4-6 @ Franklin; Stevens Middle School

Elizabeth Helwick: Grades 4-6 @ Dry Creek & Hamilton; Grades 4 and 5 @ Jefferson

Traci Tyson: 6th grade @ Jefferson; Grades 4-6 @ Roosevelt

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The concerts are free and open to the public.